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Black-Tail | Mule Deer | Black Bear | Turkey | #ASP

Angry Spike Productions



ASP was here...
Shannon Mobbs 2016 Coastal Roosevelt
Cory Ford 2016 Coastal Roosevelt
Daniel Mark 2016 Coastal Roosevelt
Mike Jackson 2016 Coastal Roosevelt
The Walk of Fame...
Nathan 2016 Coastal Roosevelt
Call of the wild...
Alternative methods...
These nights are earned by hard days!
ASP was here...
3 stud Sitka Bucks
Successfully loaded for the decent.
Shannon Mobbs 2015 Coastal Roosevelt
Cory Ford 2015 Coastal Roosevelt

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About ASP

Angry Spike Productions is a group of friends and family that share a common passion for pursuing wild game with archery equipment in the great outdoors. In the mid 1990’s they began filming their Roosevelt archery hunts and from that ASP was born. In 2005 Shannon, Brad, Cory and Ken sat out to make a video of their elk hunts. At the time there were no videos focusing on the majestic bulls of the Pacific Northwest rain forests. They released their first video in 2006 titled “Season 2005”. The viewer response was amazing and over 10 years later ASP IS STILL PURSING THE BULLS OF THE COASTAL RANGES IN OREGON AND WASHINGTON.


Today with new and old faces the ASP gang is primarily focused on capturing their interactions with mature Roosevelt Bulls and fine tuning the art of calling. We have even branched out and started including mule deer, black bear and turkey birds into the mix. Everything you see is fair chase, public land, over the counter DIY, raw and real with no reenactments. We hope you enjoy our films images and video clips.

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